Nursing Care At Home In Kolkata Covered Completely Home Health Care Services

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Home health care or home nursing service in Kolkata is one such thing that in today’s busy world an investor makes it easier for professionals to help their relatives to achieve greater comfort.

Home health care Kolkata is a pioneer in providing personalized and professional services at home to allow for faster and improved recovery considering the comfort of home.

Home nursing service in Kolkata is provided to those who are temporarily or permanently confined to the four walls of their home due to some illness. Other reasons for the need for nursing care at home are:

  1. If a patient is brought back home after major surgery or has to stay in the intensive care unit for several months.
  2. Any type of chronic disease that is on the rise and requires special care at home.
  3. Chronic illness that requires extra attention and long-term care and cannot be hospitalized.

In such cases, it is essential to provide professional nursing care at home by providing the following care at the professional level:

  • Palliative care, wounds and intravenous therapy
  • Education needs to be provided about chronic diseases and healthy living.
  • Rehabilitation services need to be provided in case of memory loss or behavioral problems
  • In the case of isolation periods, patients may need to be trained in self-care.
  • The family needs training to care

In addition to professional care, nursing care also includes personal care provided to patients on home premises:

Patients are given personal hygiene such as bathing, showering, hair washing, shaving, oral hygiene and nail care. It is provided to patients who are unable to perform any of their own activities.

  1. In addition to toilet habits, skin care, stoma care, bed change, etc. are taken care of
  2. Care is also taken in the preparation of food for patients and timely feeding.
  3. Patients are medicated and cared for by providing assistance in any situation.

The Home health care environment is completely different from the environment, we get in hospitals. Home nursing service Kolkata focuses on providing unique, meaningful and personal care that builds a strong bond between professionals and clients.

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