Vaccination at Home

Now get the required vaccination at home for your child by us easily

What is Vaccination At Home service? Know more about the service and get it

Our main aim is to protect the children from any problem and give them the necessary vaccine at their home.

The vaccine is very necessary to improve the body's immunity against any disease or infection. It is the most efficient system to get rid of microorganisms. Pushpita Health Care is one of the best company provides many home health care services at home. Our vaccination at home service is great for the children to make their life easy at their early stage of life.

Vaccination is very important for the primary prevention of any disease. Covid-19 is an infectious disease which is caused by newly discovered corona virus. Get all information about Covid 19 here and keep your family safe from this pandemic. Vaccine protects people from getting sick and makes the immunity system good. The infant has a natural immunity system from their mother at their earlier month. So if you want a vaccine at home for any one of your family contact us. Our professional person will help you immediately.

Vaccination Services

Measles Vaccine

We provide the Measles vaccine to children at their early age in an efficient way.

Polio Vaccine

Get a polio vaccine at the comfort of your home for your baby easily.

Tetanus Vaccine

Contact us to get tetanus at home for you or your elder family member.

Whooping Cough

If you have whooping cough and don’t want to go outside from your home then call us.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is also available from us, book it now easily from us. Protect your child from all the dangerous diseases by us.


People who want rotavirus vaccination at home contact us.

How does vaccination work?

Vaccination teaches the body to recognize any disease and stimulate antibodies against pathogens. It takes the form of protein or sugar and makes the pathogen dead or inactivates form contain as a toxin in a weakened pathogen. It is given by injection first as antigen and second as an adjuvant.

Is the Vaccination Safe?

Vaccination is safe. It is rigorously tested and go through many study, examination, and research before it comes to the market.Vaccination Pros and Cons


The vaccine helps to prevent dangerous disease which can kill or sicken the people.
It is safe and well tested by many medical professionals.
It protects you and also protects the people around you.


Sometimes allergic reactions happen to some people.
It can weaken your immune system.

The side effect of vaccination

Most of the case the side effect are very mild. Sometimes some people experienced pain, redness, joint pain, high fever, fatigue, and muscle weakness.

Want to book vaccination for children at home? Get the best service from us

Vaccines are very necessary to give in childhood. It protects the immunity system at their young age and protects them from a wide range of deadly diseases. So now don’t get panic book your children vaccination at home easily. Call us or register here to get the best service from us.

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